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Polarities can be uncomfortable
but they can also be infinitely interesting

About us

A place where you can feel comfortable and challenged. Where fame exists around the corner but so does small town life. Where born and bred meets not even from this continent. Where history collides with modernity. Where beet-infused cocktails can be drunk in a space that used to sell beets. Where both locals and wanderers feel taken care of and catered to. Where a slice of Americana can be nurtured while traveling the world. Where cool can co-exist with comfort. And where a bar you want to settle in to can also be a place for exploration. & so we begin….

It is said the first cocktail was invented by pure fluke some 7,000 years ago when two dueling innkeepers accidentally collided into each other along a poorly lit passageway*

At A&P Bar the art of collision, continues. The delicate smashing of this, with some of that. Sure, there’s scotch & soda, dark & stormy, burger & fries. But also — Debate & tonic | Jumper & jerk |Piano & metal| Pen & pal |Ease & exploration| Friend & company| Therapy & couch| Conversation & regret| Loud talker & close talker| Crackpot conspiracist & well-founded conspiracist| Night off & on|

Like the legendary A&P that stood here before us, we believe in community, bringing people together. We’ve created this place to do just that: serve you, your pals & family you’re on speaking terms with, the most exquisite cocktails & selection of comfort food you’ve ever had. Again & again & again. We’ve travelled the world collecting these concoctions. Hunting & lovingly gathering recipes from every kitchen, pub, club & café along the way, so that you can simply walk down the block & enjoy.

Is ours a noble mission? Yes. Ish. It’s certainly not evil —& in this day and age that counts for something, right? So, to our fellow Woodstock neighbors & those passing through with shiny flannel & boots: We kindly ask, who among us couldn’t use a perfect DRINK & DISH? Welcome One & All, to The A&P Bar.

*OK, we made that first bit up.

A&P Community

A & P is delighted to celebrate the food and drink from our local area. We are also proud to celebrate and showcase the innovative, creative and wonderful design and energy of our community. Here is a list to date of the amazing artists/craftspeople who have helped us achieve our vision. We salute you!

Neon: Matt Dilling / + 1 (718) 855-6082 / litebriteneon.com

Bar top: Jonah Myers / + 1 (845) 876-2228 / sawkille.com

Aprons: Crystal Moore / lockkeyleathers.com

Tableware: Meredith Nichols & Harry Kunhardt / + 1 (610) 405-0091 / 28aclay.com

Tableware: Caroline Waller / tivolitileworks.com

Images: Michael Hunt / 1 (845) 649-6109 / cosmicamericanart.tumblr.com

Chandelier: Kelly Storrs / lowland-studio.com

Reclaimed wood / Excelsior Wood Products / + 1 (845) 339-6630 / excelsiorwood.com

Tile: Spruce and Furn / + 1 (347) 903-4755 / spruceandfurn.com

Banquette Cushions: Alice Schavoir / instagram.com/aliceschavoir

Construction: 3rd Generation Builders / +1 (845) 835-3005 / facebook.com/3rd-Generation-Builders-